My artwork is about a message of hope while acknowledging challenges.

Where there is light there are shadows, where there are shadows there is

a new knowledge and understanding that brings light.


To convey my message I am painting figures and their shadows, or just the shadows. The figures are not limited to any specific environment, and neither are the shadows.


In this last series my style changed due to surgery on my right shoulder.

Determined to continue creating a week later, I started painting with my left hand which is my weaker one.

 Also in this series you will find fragments of Sudoku pages. Sudoku is a logical puzzle where one has to find missing numbers that follow certain rules. During the challenging recovery time, solving Sudoku puzzles helped keep me distracted.

Surprisingly Sudoku also taught me lessons about drawings and life that I hadn't expected to find, and part of it stayed on the surface of my artwork

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